Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oh my gosh......

they are cute!

Who would of thought that I would have 3 boys.
The sound effects, the toys and the dirty jeans. I have to admit,
I lOVE it!
Thank you Ethan, Finn & True for brining me so much joy!
I Love You!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

three kids and gone crazy

Lots of pictures for lots of catching up.
Between baby True, the cupcake business and everything else, life at the Millette's is insane. I am lucky to get a shower in everyday, the kids are lucky if they get fed and Matt is lucky if he gets to work on his homework.
Life, Life, Life.....

Matt and I decided it was time to "get away" for the weekend, so we loaded the kids in the car and headed for some warm weather in St George.
A little eating out, sleeping in & shopping is just what we needed.

The kids had a blast playing on the rocks and in the water. It was so nice just to be outside.
Look at my little whiteies!

Ethan finally got to ride his new Big Wheel that he got for Christmas. I never dreamed he would love it so much. I cracked up as these two went hauling down the sidewalk on their bikes together!

You're asking....why are there no pictures of baby True?
he is not a very happy baby. He has acid reflux and is usually crying and spitting up if he is awake. I caught a little grin this morning, so I hurried and grabbed the camera and I got it!!!
We love you baby True and can't wait for your tummy troubles to go away.
I kid you not, this is how we found our son after being in "Time out".
Matt had put Finn in his room, because he was being naughty. He kicked and screamed at the door an then it got quiet. We went to check on him to find him fast asleep in this plastic bin. I love how he managed to fit his baby (care bare monkey) and his blankie in there too.
What a silly kid!

Ethan turns 6