Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1998 Spanish Fork high School Reunion

Spanish Fork Class of 1998 had our 10 year reunion this last weekend. I can't believe I have been graduated for 10 years! I am getting old!!!! It was really fun to see all of my old cheerleading pals. We are planning a cheerleading party for the near future and we are going to TRY and wear our uniforms! I can't wait! 
They held a raffle to raise money for the next reunion. I was able to enter my cupcakes(great business opportunity!). It was fun to see everyone fight over them! They also had a contest for who has the most kids, who's changed the most and least, etc. I am (not really) proud to say that I won the married more than once award. It was kind of embarrassing, but funny, because most everyone in there had been married more than once!
Everyone has changed so much.  Lots skinnier, some heavier and a mass amount pregnant!

Alison Ludell, Courtney Dastrup, & Me
  Shelly Lenholf, Me, Katie Lundell, Ali Lundell, Courtney Dastrup
Matt,  my way cute husband, was such a good sport to come and watch me mingle.  I was so proud of him, he was the hottest guy there you know!
Me and 2 of my favorite cheerleaders!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

American Idol Live Concert

Okay, for those of you who didn't know, I am one of those psycho American Idol fans! I watch it faithfully and can NOT miss an episode.  This last season was extra special, because of our Utah contestant David Archuleta and of coarse the amazing David Cook! I just had to buy tickets to the concert. It was one of the funnest concerts I have been to. They really put on a good show. You would not believe the screaming and screeching from all those Utah "Archie" fans. It was insane. If David moved one muscle, the whole place would go crazy. Matt and I were cracking up. My ears still haven't recovered.

I bought the cheaper tickets, knowing we would be in the nose bleed seats, but I never dreamed we would be at the very top in the last chairs next to the door. It just goes to show you, you get what you pay for! This was our view!

Brooke White was really cute and has really improved!

Our American Idol! David Cook was excellent! He was really sweet and let David Archuleta be "our" American Idol!

Watching all these girls goo-goo and ga-ga over David took me back to my New Kids on the Block days. The things girls get crazy about.
Matt and I FINALLY got to go out on a date! Matt may have preferred going somewhere else, but he's a really good sport. What's with my psycho eyes? It's the only picture we captured of ourselves at this crazy event!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome baby Tomita!

Jason and Tara finally welcome their new baby girl, Belle Wynani Tomita! She is absolutely beautiful! Tara is doing great after a really fast and easy delivery. I hope to get pictures really soon!